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Temporary construction openwork fences are one of the simplest systems on the Polish and European market of modular security used for fencing construction sites and industrial areas as well as mass events. Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble.

Temporary fences provide solid protection against unauthorized access.

A full construction fence is a modular security system made of trapezoidal metal sheet used for practical protection and designation of construction and industrial areas as well as mass events. Thanks to their simplicity and design, they are suitable for quick assembly and disassembly.

Temporary full fences, similar to openwork fences, protect against the entry of unauthorized persons. In addition, their advantage is a metal sheet coating that limits the view into the protected area.

Concert barriers are a safeguard for determining communication routes at various mass events and for securing smaller areas.

Temporary barriers allow you to quickly and easily create a stable, safe and aesthetic protective fence.

Accessories for construction fences that stabilize, connect and secure portable fences. We have all the necessary accessories that allow quick and efficient installation.

We offer systems suited for the toughest conditions to mount the fence on the designated area.

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